A mother who spent nearly one year in jail for a murder she did not commit seeks justice for being falsely incarcerated.

Jadda Kennedy said her thoughts of her only son kept her from taking her own life behind bars. Now out of jail, she wants to share her story if mistaken identity.

Kennedy was charged with murder for the October 2015 shooting death of 35-year-old Corey Stovall.

Erica Wurst, Kennedy's attorney, said the murder charge was dropped last month, just a few hours after she sent the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office information that showed DNA found at the crime scene traced back to another woman on Facebook who goes by the same name - with a different spelling.

Wurst said two witnesses identified Kennedy as the murder suspect after looking at pictures of her, but once one of the witnesses saw her in person, they didn't believe she was the woman who killed Stovall.

Kennedy said she was so depressed while in jail that she was on suicide watch.

She is now considering suing the city of for her time in jail.

She said she was so depressed at times that she was on suicide watch.

The St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office released the following statement:

The Circuit Attorney’s Office is committed to thoughtfully considering any concerns of defense attorneys, especially when they bring forward information of alibi or identity issues of a defendant. In some situations, only the defense has solid information related to a particular issue – such as specific alibi witnesses or identity evidence. Defense attorneys have an obligation to bring this information forward as soon as possible.

Once the defense attorney disclosed information that put Ms. Kennedy’s participation in this crime in question, we reviewed it and dismissed the case against her. The investigation remains open. If anyone has information regarding this case, we encourage them to contact police or prosecutors.