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Mom of 'The Blind Side' family sees parallels in 'This Is Us'

"Every single episode that comes on, my phone and my social media blows up," Leigh Anne Tuohy said.

ST. LOUIS — In many ways, her life is a mirror image of the NBC drama 'This Is Us.'

Leigh Anne Tuohy has spent the last 9 years in the spotlight since the blockbuster hit, 'The Blind Side' hit theaters in 2009.

Sandra Bullock played her in the movie and won an Oscar for her portrayal of Leigh Anne.

The mega-hit told the story of Leigh Anne’s Memphis family adopting an African American son named Michael Oher.

Oher became one of the most famous offensive tackles in the NFL.

The movie was the highest grossing sports film in history and put interracial adoption front and center.

Now, that conversation is once again happening in homes across America.

“Every single episode that comes on, my phone and my social media blows up,” Leigh Anne said. “It has scarily paralleled our journey and it’s very interesting and it not just our journey. There are so many people on this journey ours just happens to be the one that got told.”

Leigh Anne also shared some advice for parents considering fostering a child.

“I tell people that are going to foster, jump in with both feet. Don’t worry about the end result. Don’t worry about if it doesn’t work out how you anticipated from the beginning. But just know that you’re doing the right thing,” she said.

The Tuohy’s started a family foundation, Making It Happen, to serve underprivileged youth.

The mantra of the Tuohy Family Foundation is often “Families don’t have to match” and the slogan was printed on t-shirts.

Leigh Anne says several cast members and producers of “This Is Us” have contacted the foundation asking to get their hands on one of the shirts.

The music producer for “This Is Us” recently sported his on Instagram.

If you want the t-shirt visit www.leighannetuohy.com.

To follow Leigh Anne on her mission on Instagram and Twitter.