ST. LOUIS — A south St. Louis mom wants you to pay attention to this story. She's fed up, after a string of gunshots in her neighborhood. She feels like her area isn't getting the same attention as others and wants help.

"It's really scary. I worry about my children," Erin Alberty said.

It's been five years since Alberty moved her family to McKinley Heights in south city.

"It seems like the last few years the crime has gone up,' she said.

In her time in her neighborhood, she said hearing gunshots is pretty normal.

"At least twice a week you hear it," she told 5 On Your Side.

However, the sound the gunfire Monday morning even took her by surprise.

"It sounded like a war zone, honestly," she said.

Around 3:30 a.m., Alberty said someone fired gunshots in her neighborhood. The sound of the gunfire was so loud it woke up her and her husband.

"I was worried about my kids. I was worried about gunfire going through the window and getting my kids," Alberty said.

Alberty said one of her neighbors saw it all.

"One neighbor said that he had saw a car going down the road with someone on top of the car shooting down Ann Street and on to Indiana," she told 5 On Your Side.

Alberty said that gunman fired at least 20 shots.

"It's really frustrating when you have two little ones and you're ducking because there is gunfire outside the house," she said.

The latest number of gunshots is so alarming to her she said it's forcing her to make a big decision. She and her family are considering leaving their home they've known for the past five years unless major changes in her neighborhood are made to make her and her family feel safer.

"With the children and everything, it's just too scary anymore. I don't want to live here anymore," she said. "I think that maybe if we had some more police presence and patrolling maybe some of it can go down.

St. Louis police said officers responded to the neighborhood, but couldn't locate a scene.

Total crime is up in the McKinley Heights neighborhood by 20% so far this year compared to last year at this time.