EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. -- Josh and Jessaka Clark always planned to have a big family.

On their first date, Josh told Jessaka that he wanted 10 kids -- and that he wanted most of them to be adopted. That sounded fine with Jessaka.

"I grew up with a lot of foster brothers and sisters and my parents were foster parents so I was used to having lots of kids around the house," she said.

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Years later, after the birth of their son Noah, the Clarks began the adoption process. They were interested in a sibling group "of at least two or three."

Then, in March 2016, Josh got a call from adoption officials.

"When he got off the phone, he said to me, 'What do you think about seven?," Jessaka said. "I said, 'A 7-year-old?' He said, 'Well, there is a 7-year-old, but no... seven children'"

Needless to say, Jessaka was surprised.

"My eyes probably got as big as his and we both said the same thing: 'We need to pray about this,'" she said. "We prayed that night and didn't sleep well because God told us that these were the kids for us."

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The Clarks met the children at the end of March 2016, and they moved in the following August.

"Our lives have definitely been busier," Jessaka said. "We didn't have school-age kids before this, so that was new territory for us. But it has been fun! It was rough at first but we have settled into a routine of 'normalcy' so to speak."

Family, friends and church members stepped up to help the family.

"We had some moments where it seemed too hard and we felt ill-equipped,but that's where those unbelievable friends came to the rescue," Jessaka said.

And how has their 3-year-old adjusted to going from an only child to a big AND little brother?

"Noah has adjusted well," Jessaka said. "He has mentioned before how he wanted brothers and sisters and it was a seamless transition for him to become a brother. He slid right into the role of younger annoying brother who fights with his 5-year-old brother James because they are two peas in a pod!"

After 9 months of living together, the adoption finally became official this week.

"We were very excited," said Jessaka. "We woke up the kids up with party horns and confetti poppers! "

This photo says it all:

The family may not be finished growing. Jessaka Clark said the "Super 7" has a babysitter who is still in foster care.

"We would love to adopt her but we are limited in our house and can't take anymore children until we get more rooms," she said. "We also know that God has more in store so we want to make sure we have the space to grow."

With May being National Foster Care Month, Jessaka Clark had some words of wisdom:

"It is not easy. You have to know that you know that you know that God called you to adopt. And you need a lot of support! You will feel the greatest joys! And you will feel the biggest heart breaks. But just like there is pain in labor, at the end you get a beautiful child... or seven!"

A family friend has created a GoFundMe page to help the family save money for a larger home. Click here for information on how to donate.