Trump in Puerto Rico

Letter to the editor: 

What a waste. The amount of money it cost to jet President Trump and his team on Air Force One to hurricane-ravaged island of Puerto Rico could have really helped those suffering there.

Like his presence will make some divine difference.

I’m here. I care. So what.

Charles Birimisa; Watsonville, Calif.

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President Trump can’t open his mouth without something ridiculous coming out of it. His stream of consciousness turns into a weird mix of unintelligible word salad with just enough meanness that people are left shaking their heads. He’s awful at this job.

Trump’s desperation to look good makes him look small and weak. I can’t wait for this experiment to be over. Please hurry, special counsel Robert Mueller.

— Patrick Guy

You had to know that Trump would make a spectacle of himself; it’s what he does best.

— Jaime Richards

“The peasants are revolting!” the San Juan mayor shouted.

“They certainly are,” Emperor Trump responded. “Let them eat paper towels!”

— Pete Waldmeir

There were tables of items that people came to receive and Trump helped pass them out.

Y’all are so petty.

Seriously, are y’all that thick to not realize you’re being manipulated by the news media? So Trump shouldn’t be handing out items at a church?

— Jeff Feezle

Listen to what Trump is saying, don’t just read the headlines. He is commending Puerto Ricans that, through their efforts, they only lost 16 people. Trump’s telling them that they should be very proud that what they did protected their people. Trump’s not saying what happened there is less horrific than Hurricane Katrina. We’re all quick to jump on the criticism bandwagon. Has anyone thought to thank him and those in authority for what they did? For going above and beyond other relief efforts to do what was necessary to get help to the people?

— Toni K. DePaoli

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