We weren't the only ones who enjoyed Jimmy Kimmel's Sean Spicer interview Wednesday — so did Stephen Colbert.

The fellow late-night host stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday to chat with the show's host and praise him for his Spicey interview. 

"I loved you with Sean Spicer last night," Colbert said. "That was a great interview ... It was great."

As an interviewer himself, Colbert asked Kimmel what it was like to talk with Spicer in person.

"He's much smaller than I thought he was going to be," Kimmel admitted. "He's a small guy, I didn't realize, I don't know why I didn't realize it. Did you know?"

"Yeah," Colbert quipped. "I knew he was small because I've met Melissa McCarthy," referencing the actress who plays Spicer in the hilarious Saturday Night Live skits, which earned her an Emmy

Check out the full clip below.