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What would you give up to watch your team at the Super Bowl? Here's what fans said

A survey of fans from every NFL team found that a lot of them seem more loyal to their team than they are to their significant others.

Would you give up sex for a year if it meant you could, in person, see your favorite team playing in the Super Bowl? Some people say they are willing to go that far. Many are also willing to end a relationship based on team loyalty.

Those are some of the results of a survey by Ticketmaster as part of the NFL's 100th anniversary celebration. The survey asked 100 fans of each NFL team -- 3,200 total -- about what they would sacrifice not only to show loyalty to their teams but for a trip to watch them play in the biggest game of the year.

Seventy-nine percent of fans said they are so dedicated, they would see their favorite team play in person even if the team had a losing record late in the season. 

If their team goes to the Super Bowl, what would they give up go to the game in person? 

  • 35% would give up drinking for one year.
  • 28% would give up their favorite food for one year.
  • 21% would give up all of their vacation time from work.
  • 14% would give up sex for one year. 

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One-quarter said they have purposely made sure their wedding day didn't occur during football season. Men are 52% more likely than women to break up with someone over team allegiance.

Twenty-eight percent said they and their significant other have stopped speaking to each other over opposing NFL allegiances. Surprise, surprise: men said they were far more likely than women to do this.

Can't miss a game? Eighteen percent of fans said they decided where to live based on how close they would be to their favorite team. Men were 42% more likely than women to do this.

Football or family? Forty-four percent said they would ditch a family function to go to their team's game in person. Once again, this is something men said they would be more likely to do than women.

Yes, fans have even gone so far as to name their kid or their pet after an NFL player. Twenty-eight percent of fans said they have done that or would consider doing that for their child. Nearly half said they would do that for their dog, cat, iguana, or whatever pet they own.

And, yes, you can take it with you. Twenty-five percent of fans said they want to be buried in their favorite NFL gear. Again, that was mostly a guy thing.

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