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This chimpanzee correctly using Instagram will blow your mind

This chimp is either a genius or Instagram has one of the most user-friendly interfaces on social media.
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
Young adult male chimpanzee making a facial expression that is considered a smile in the chimp world.

If your parents still struggle with maneuvering through social media, this chimpanzee scrolling through Instagram should give them hope.

A viral video, which was appropriately posted on Instagram, shows a chimpanzee correctly using Instagram.

The video starts with the chimp watching a video. Then when the video is done, he swipes back to the Instagram feed, scrolls down and picks another picture to look at.

Social media influencer Mike Holston, also known as the Real Tarzan on Instagram, posted the video Sunday. His little furry friend racked up over a million views and generated countless comments, including celebrities.

“Show him my stuff,” commented comedian Chris Delia.

“Why is he better at Instagram than my grandparents,” commented MTV reality star Kailah Casillas.

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