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Caught on camera: Police in Texas say man shot during argument over parking space

"I can't process any of it. He was shot over a parking spot," said Shane Post's mother, Dorothy Post.

WAXAHACHIE, Texas — The Waxahachie Police Department is investigating a shooting that stemmed from a disagreement over a parking space. 

It happened after 3 p.m. Tuesday, April 19, in the 100 block of Kaufman Street, at a set of townhomes. 

Irina Post told WFAA she was waiting for her husband Shane Post to get dropped off by a coworker in their small but gated parking lot. 

"This next spot is the neighbor's spot, so he parked there to drop Shane off," Irina Post said. 

She said within seconds of the coworker parking his vehicle, their townhome neighbor, who police identified as Nikki Brown, walked up and confronted Shane Post over parking in his spot. 

The families have had two small run-ins before, but nothing like what occurred on Tuesday.

"He came out in a robe, and he had already his gun loaded in his pocket," said Irina. 

Cameras outside the Post home show Shane slowly walking toward Brown, and then Brown pulling out a handgun and shooting Shane in the torso. 

Shane fell to the ground and was seen stumbling and limping away. 

"Shane was on the ground screaming, 'stop, stop!' He was screaming to 'stop,'' said Irina. 

Waxahachie Police confirmed in a press release that the shooting was about a parking space.  

"Officers immediately began life-saving measures until AMR arrived and transported him to Baylor Scott and White Hospital in Waxahachie. The suspect, identified as Nikki Brown of Waxahachie, was still at the location and taken into custody," read the police department's press release.  

"I can't process any of it. He was shot over a parking spot," said Shane's mother, Dorothy Post.

Brown was taken to the Ellis County jail but as of Thursday night, did not show up on the jail roster. 

The Post family told WFAA they were informed by officials that Brown had bonded out of jail. 

"We're praying he's going to make a full recovery," said Irina.

Shane is in the ICU at Methodist Dallas, and will be for at least a week. He is in stable condition but has major injuries to his liver, colon, pancreas and urethra.

"The bullet is still in him, and they can't get it out, it's too dangerous," said Dorothy Post. 

The family is prepared for months of rehab after he leaves the hospital.

A funding page has been created to help the Post family with upcoming expenses. 

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