PROSPER – Stephen Miller, a pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church’s campus in Prosper, suffered the wrath of social media on Sunday after Twitter users mistook him for President Trump’s controversial policy adviser who has the same name.

"I'm like 'what's going on here?'" asked Miller, 34, after seeing a barrage of Tweets at the end of service.

The other Stephen Miller, a young policy adviser for the president, tangled with hosts on all of the network political programs on Sunday morning.

Afterwards, President Trump Tweeted: “Congratulations Stephen Miller -- on representing me this morning on the various Sunday morning shows. Great job!”

But many viewers were not as impressed and took to Twitter to tell the Trump administration official.

Unfortunately, the handle @stephenmiller belongs to the pastor, not the adviser. In fact, the Stephen Miller in Washington, D.C. does not appear to be on Twitter.

So, hateful comments quickly filled the pastor’s timeline.

One asked: Is there a worse human being that @stephenmiller?

"There were some that were really kind of scary like 'your mom should have aborted you' or 'you should tie your family up and burn your house down with you all in it,'” added Miller.

But this is more than a story of getting trolled on Twitter. The Stephen Miller from Texas turned all the negativity into something positive for his family.

"If everyone who Tweeted hate at me or shade at me instead gave to our adoption, they would be fully funded to come home from China,” he said.

That is a message the pastor shared to his 32,000 followers.

“I did. I Tweeted that out. Hashtag 'Love Trumps Hate.' And I said, 'I'll make it easy for you' and I put a link to our Paypal – our fund for our adoption."

Surprisingly, Twitter users sent $1,300 to help his family adopt two children from China.

It was a case of mistaken identity that ended up paying off.