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'I got up ready to go': Trudy Busch Valentine hits the ground running on November election campaign

Following the primary election, Busch Valentine met with voters Wednesday morning at Chris' Pancake and Dining in St. Louis.

ST. LOUIS — It was a late night and early morning for the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Trudy Busch Valentine.

Following the primary election, Busch Valentine hit the ground running to meet with voters Wednesday morning at Chris' Pancake and Dining in St. Louis.

She joined the race late and it's another big push why she's back on the campaign trail.

"I got up ready to go," Busch Valentine told 5 On Your Side. "I'm coming at this to really serve the people of Missouri."

The Anheuser-Busch heiress and nurse made her stance known. She's for abortion services.

"I am absolutely for the right to choose. Always will be, always have been," she added.

She took a jab at her opponents on the topic, including third-party independent candidate John Wood.

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"People need to look at the record of John Wood, who is also against a woman’s right to choose," she said.

She called Republican nominee and Attorney General Eric Schmitt, who signed into law Missouri's trigger ban, extreme.

She said she's focused on putting people first.

"I'm for quality and affordable health care, lowering inflation and the costs of basic needs and I am for a woman's rights to choose and those are big things we're going on," she said.

Eric Schmitt is the Republican candidate competing against her in the November general election. 

In his victory speech, he shared Missouri needs a conservative fighter to stop the radical progressives.

He also made a dig at Valentine.

"I don't come from billions, I come from Bridgeton," Schmitt shared to a crowd Tuesday night.

He wasn't campaigning Wednesday, but he said his approach won't change.

"To protect freedom, push back against socialism, to secure our borders and protect our communities," he said.

He said he too wants to fight for Missourians.

"I want to be your Senator to push back against the wokeness and weakness that's undermining America," Schmitt said.

Busch Valentine added that she believes John Wood's presence will actually help her and mix up the votes on the Republican side.

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