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Early voting underway for the Illinois primary election

Early voting begins May 19 for Illinois' June 28 primary election.
Credit: KSDK

ILLINOIS, USA — Thursday, May 19, marks the beginning of early voting for the Illinois June 28 primary election.

All in-person early voting requests must be made by June 27. Requests by mail must be received by June 23.

Here's the guide for everything you need to know.

Do I qualify for early voting?

As long as you're a registered Illinois voter, you qualify to vote early and do not have to provide a reason.

"A major reason for early voting is to encourage greater participation in the election process," according to an informational pamphlet on early voting provided by the Illinois State Board of Elections. "People who travel for business, work long hours, or are otherwise inconvenienced by the hours the polls are open on Election Day may find it easier to vote early."

For more information on voting before election day, go to the Board of Elections website.

Where can I vote early?

Each jurisdiction has a list published of times, dates and locations where early voting can take place. They can be found on the Illinois Board of Elections website or by calling the county clerk. 

Look up early voting locations by jurisdiction 

How do I vote by mail-in ballot?

Voters can request a vote by mail application from their election authority in-person or online. It must then be completed, signed and returned to the election authority.

All requests by mail must be submitted between 90 and five days prior to the election. Applications from outside the U.S. must be made no less than 30 days before the election to receive the full ballot, or can be made less than 30 days prior to receive a federal ballot only.

Voting by mail-in ballot begins 45 days prior to the election for military and overseas voters, and 40 days for everyone else.

Military and overseas voters can also request a ballot using the Federal Postcard or by contacting the election authority for their Illinois address or asking a parent, sibling or spouse to do so.

The completed vote by mail ballot must be sent to the election authority for the jurisdiction where you are registered.

More information on the mail-in voting process can be found on the Board of Elections website.

Health care facility voting

Qualified voters are entitled to the personal delivery of a ballot if they have been admitted to a health care facility not more than 14 days before the election or are expected to be homebound on the day of the election if released and unable to go to a polling place.

The Board of Elections has an online guide breaking down the process.

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