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April 4 election: What you should know to vote in Missouri, Illinois

Tuesday is Election Day in Missouri and Illinois, and many important issues and positions are on ballots across the St. Louis area.

Jennifer Somers

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Published: 8:36 AM CDT March 30, 2023
Updated: 3:09 PM CDT March 30, 2023

Many Missouri and Illinois voters will head to the polls Tuesday, April 4 to voice their opinion on a wide variety of local issues and candidates.

Unlike the general election in November, federal and state legislative offices aren't up for grabs this time. Instead, municipal elections are focused on electing city and county officials, though not all will hold an election this year. 

It's also a time to bring up local propositions, and many municipalities have proposals related to the taxation of recreational marijuana.

Here’s what you need to know before casting your ballot.

For live results on election night, click here.

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