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Tips on how to deal with election stress

St. Louis doctors say it's normal to feel stressed out

ST. LOUIS — An October survey from the American Psychological Association said 70% of Americans are citing the election as a significant source of stress.

Clinical Mental Health Counselor Richelle Moore with St. Louis-based Restore Counseling and Wellness Services says the election is what many of her clients are talking about, "A lot of worry. A lot of fear. A lot of tension. So they are having somatic symptoms where they are not able to sleep. They're overwhelmed."

If that sounds familiar to you, Moore has a few recommendations. 

  • Control what you can by voting. If able, help other people by taking them to the polls
  • Reach out to friends and family for support
  • Watch TV in increments to ovoid being overloaded
  • Step outside

Washington University Psychologist Dr. Tim Bono says a walk in the sun Tuesday would provide a mental health boost, "A strategy that can be very effective for anxiety is just spending time in the sunshine. When we engage in physical activity, the brain releases a neurochemical that actually has a calming effect and can put the brakes on those negative thinking cycles."

Even if you're not the one who is stressed out, you probably know someone who is.

"I think we all have people in our lives who are like that." Bono said, "It is all they can talk about and it is encumbering their day to day life. I would say that the most important thing we can do for a friend or family member we are concerned about is to offer them companionship."

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