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Verify: Can you vote online if you're overseas?

Shelby Jasper, a registered Missouri voter, heard she could but wasn't sure if online voting was legit

ST. LOUIS — She’s almost 10,000 miles away from the Show-Me State, but, Shelby Jasper still wants her vote to count.

She is a registered voter in Missouri, but working and living in Australia.

Jasper asked the 5 On Your Side Verify Team: Is it true you can vote online if you’re overseas?

The Verify team’s source: Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft.

In the past, Missouri online voting was only available for military voters in “hostile fire zones,” where mail cannot get in or out.

However, Ashcroft waived the statute for the upcoming election due to “…the U.S. Postal Service’s extended delays in delivering mail from overseas.”  He also declared any area overseas “inaccessible.”

We can verify it’s true all registered Missouri voters who are currently overseas can vote online. They can also vote by fax or email.

The Verify team also looked into overseas voting for Illinois residents.

The Verify team’s source: Illinois State Board of Elections spokesperson, Matt Dietrich.

Dietrich confirms there is no online voting in Illinois.

We can verify if you’re a registered voter in Illinois and living overseas, you cannot vote online.  Dietrich says overseas registered voters must request a ballot be emailed to them. The voter then needs to print out the ballot and return it by mail.

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