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Bost yells at Gaetz, Miller supports McCarthy during speaker proceedings

The U.S. representative for Illinois' 12th congressional district disrupted the proceedings as Republicans continue voting for a speaker of the House.

ST. LOUIS — Proceedings were heated for the fourth day of House speaker selection Friday.

Bost and Gaetz

Illinois Representative Mike Bost, a Republican of the 12th congressional district, interrupted Florida Representative Matt Gaetz as he nominated Jim Jordan for speaker of the House.

Kevin McCarthy was nominated for House speaker again, lining up a twelfth vote. The nomination came from Mike Garcia of California, who spoke about McCarthy's candidacy and the importance of the work of the House.

"One must wonder, Madam Clerk, is this an exercise in vanity for someone who has done the math, taken the counts and is putting this institution through something that is avoidable?" Gaetz said on the floor. "My colleague, Mr. Garcia, did not say this but many of my other Republican colleagues have. They believe that Mr. McCarthy has earned the position of speaker of the House because he raised half a billion dollars to get Republicans elected."

Bost is heard yelling a Gatez, expressing his displeasure with the nomination.

"It's not going to bring anyone--" Bost is heard yelling. Bost is gaveled into order while others shout "Order!" and members are reminded to be recognized before speaking.

Bost voted for McCarthy in each of the votes taken in the House.

Mary Miller supports McCarthy

U.S. Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois' 15th congressional district flipped her vote to McCarthy on the twelfth vote for House speaker.

Miller was among those who were withholding support for McCarthy. He lost the twelfth round of voting but gained 14 GOP votes.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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