ST. LOUIS – St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner announced the city has dropped charges in the felony tampering computer case against Gov. Greitens.

The announcement comes one day after the governor announced he’s resigning.

Gardner said in a Wednesday morning annoucement, the most 'fair and just way' to resolve the case, is to drop it.

“I believe the most fair and just way to resolve the situation, is to dismiss the computer tampering case,” Gardner said. “If Mr. Greitens were convicted of this charge, it would be unlikely that he would be sentenced to prison given his first-time offender status and the type and level of the charge he face.”

In April, the charges from Gardner's office were announced after Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley said his office had evidence Greitens used an electronic donor list for political fundraising.

“The consequences Mr. Greitens has suffered he brought upon himself by his actions, his statements, his decisions, his ambition and pursuit for power,” Gardner said. “Many of Mr. Greitens former colleagues and friends cooperated with our prosecution, not because they were threatened or harassed, but because it was the right thing to do.”

Earlier this month, Gardner’s office dropped the invasion of privacy case against Greitens. Special prosecutor Jean Peters Baker plans to take a second look at the invasion of privacy case.

“I cannot comment on what Jean Peters Baker would do with the privacy of invasion case,” Gardner said.

Gardner did not take any questions from reporters.

Wednesday afternoon, Circuit Judge Rex Burlison approved the agreement reached by Greitens’ attorneys and the St. Louis circuit attorney’s office, the Associated Press reported.

Statement from attorney of the woman from the 2015 affair with Gov. Greitens | The woman's attorney released the statement Wednesday afternoon.

“My client and I are thankful to all of the individuals involved that honored my client’s privacy by not publishing her name and other identifying information. Our gratitude goes out to the media, the House committee, the St. Louis circuit attorney and the special prosecutor among others. Now that the Governor has resigned I hope my client can go back to her private life and put this matter behind her.”