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Missouri lawmakers consider raising gas tax over next 5 years

Missouri has one of the lowest gas taxes in the nation. The new law would put the state in the middle of the pack.

MISSOURI, USA — As the legislative session nears its end, Missouri lawmakers are considering a measure that would raise the gasoline tax in the state by 12.5 cents per gallon over the course of five years. The current gasoline tax of 17 cents per gallon has been in place since 1996.

Missouri currently has one of the lowest gas taxes in the nation.

“This bill as it’s proposed would increase the fuel tax 12.5 cents over five years, at two-and-a-half cent increments," AAA Spokesperson Nick Chabarria said. "Even with the 12.5 cent increase, that would put Missouri at about 24th in the country, as far as fuel tax.”

Drivers had mixed reactions.

“I think it’s a good idea," said Jerry Bushue. "We’re using the roads and they could use some help, and everybody driving on them should pay extra to maintain them.”

“I buy gas in Missouri,” said Barb Hill. “I live in Illinois, but I buy it here because it’s less expensive.”

The measure does provide a way for drivers to get a rebate for the gas tax if they save their receipts.

“I think the legislature is counting on not everybody pursuing that rebate, or maybe some folks who support the tax are fine with their money going to road improvements,” Chabarria said.

Chabarria said the rebate is similar to a measure that was passed in South Carolina. It’s seen as a way to appease those who do not support the tax increase.

The measure in Jefferson City does have bipartisan support.

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