The 2016 GOP and Democratic conventions were at times contentious, uplifting, messy, energetic and inspirational. Here are seven memorable moments from the conventions; watch the video above for more!

1. During the Republican National Convention, several people took to the streets of Cleveland to offer hugs, high-fives and encouragement to passers-by.

2. Six-year-old singer Heavenly Joy brought GOP delegates to their feet with her rendition of “America the Beautiful.”

3. Donald Trump accepted the GOP nomination for president and said he would be the voice of forgotten Americans.

4. Michelle Obama gave a stirring, critically-acclaimed speech on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention.

5. Sen. Bernie Sanders made the motion to nominate Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate for president.

6. Erica Smegielski, the daughter of the school principal killed in Sandy Hook, gave an emotional speech about gun control.

7. Hillary Clinton became the first woman to accept a major party’s nomination for president.