WASHINGTON — Before moving forward on any legislation related to guns, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt said President Trump needs to set some guidelines for what he’ll sign.

The Republican senator for Missouri was on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday morning discussing ways to address gun violence in America. Host Chuck Todd asked whether senators would consider voting on expanding background checks.

“We’re not gonna vote on bills on the Senate floor that the president is not willing to sign,” Sen. Blunt said. “The president needs to step up here and set some guidelines for what he would do.”

Sen. Blunt went on to say he’s afraid what’s happened before will happen again.

“We take this silly, if we don’t get everything, we don’t do anything, and fail to do the things we could do,” the senator said, adding that more could be done by treating mental health like all other health.

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Chuck Todd then pointed out what Sen. Mike Braun, a Republican from Indiana, said earlier this week.

“If we’re not willing to do the common sense stuff, probably legislation will incur that we’ll regret that will actually, I think, infringe upon Second Amendment rights down the road,” Sen. Braun said.

Chuck Todd added that several other Republicans have expressed similar concerns, that if incremental steps aren’t taken now, what gets passed down the road could be more drastic. Among those Republicans is the lieutenant governor of Texas, who is in favor of expanding background checks on certain gun sales.

Watch the clip from Meet the Press by clicking here or viewing it in the tweet below.

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