If the election were held today, Donald Trump would win in Missouri and the it would not be a close race.
That is according to a new SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for KSDK.

According to a survey of likely voters during and after the Republican National Convention Trump would win both with men and women in Missouri.

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And that adds up to a 10-point win for Trump in the Show Me State. According to KSDK’s SurveyUSA poll, Trump has an almost 20-point lead with men statewide in Missouri, while his lead with women in the state is only two points - which is within the margin of error of 1.6% for the poll.

What issues might bring people to the polls? SurveyUSA asked the same likely voters what matters most to them and the 'economy' and 'terrorism' topped the list.

They're two of the issues Trump was hitting on while the GOP had center stage with its national convention.

While it's no surprise Missouri could go for Trump in November, KSDK political analyst Dave Robertson is surprised to see Trump with such a large lead at this point in the election cycle.

“Because I thought the establishment Republicans...might be a little more hesitant to jump the Trump bandwagon,” said Robertson. “They seem like they're convinced that Trump is the candidate whose coattails they need to ride.”

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