ST. LOUIS COUNTY — Steve Stenger won by less than one percentage point, but his was not the closest race in St. Louis County Tuesday night.

Charter Amendment Proposition 2 had the narrowest margin of defeat of any issue on the ballot in the county, coming up short by just 3 votes, according to the unofficial results posted by St. Louis County(125,390 yes votes and 125,393 no votes).

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The proposition would have allowed the County Council to hire an outside attorney to provide legal advice. Supporters said the change would allow the council to get unbiased legal advice as compared to the county counselor, who is appointed by the St. Louis County Executive.

There were two other charter amendment propositions on the county ballot Tuesday, but only one of them counted.

Charter Amendment Proposition 3, which would allow county council members to work as independent contractors for other public entities, passed by about 10 percent.

Charter Amendment Proposition 4, on the other hand, was ruled too vague by a judge. The ruling came too close to the election to have it removed from ballots, but the votes on that issue were not counted. The issues in the proposition may appear on future ballots.