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Verify: Does writing on ballots disqualify them?

A 5 On Your Side viewer emailed a Facebook post to the Verify team claiming additional writing on ballots, disqualifies them.

ST. LOUIS — Social media is full of posts about the upcoming election.

A 5 On Your Side viewer emailed the Verify team about a Facebook post claiming any writing on a ballot by a poll worker could disqualify it.

The 5 On Your Side verify team checked Missouri law. It states election judges are required to write on a ballot before giving it to the voter. Two election judges of different parties initial a voter’s ballot after they’ve verified the voter’s identity.

We can verify that in Missouri, writing on your ballot by a poll worker, will not disqualify it.

The 5 On Your Side Verify Team also checked Illinois law.

It says, “One of the judges shall give the voter one, and only one of each ballot to be voted at the election, on the back of which ballots such judge shall indorse his initials in such manner that they may be seen when each such ballot is properly folded, and the voter's name shall be immediately checked on the register list. 

"In those election jurisdictions where perforated ballot cards are utilized of the type on which write-in votes can be cast above the perforation, the election authority shall provide a space both above and below the perforation for the judge's initials, and the judge shall endorse his or her initials in both spaces.”

Dietrich says in Illinois, ballots, other than marking votes, should not have any other writing on them.

We can verify in Illinois, it is false, writing on your ballot by an election judge, will not disqualify it.