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Walmart apologizes for tweet calling Missouri senator 'sore loser' for intentions to challenge election results

Walmart says the tweet was mistakenly sent out by a member of their social media team, and they would rather not comment on the Electoral College certification.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — After a tweet from the company's official page, Walmart is backtracking on Twitter after calling Missouri Senator Josh Hawley a sore loser for his intentions to challenge the 2020 Electoral College election results.  

Sen. Hawley released a memo on Wednesday that states he plans to "highlight the failure of some states, including notably Pennsylvania, to follow election laws," when the Senate votes to certify President-elect Joe Biden's win next week. Political experts say it will have no impact on the final certification for the presidency but will delay the process. 

Besides President Trump's claims, there has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud, and several bipartisan courts have rejected cases claiming there was any. 

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On Wednesday (Dec. 30), Walmart's Twitter account posted," “Go ahead. Get your 2 hour debate. #soreloser,” in a reply to Sen. Josh Hawley. 

Walmart quickly deleted the tweet and issued an apology. 

"The tweet published earlier was mistakenly posted by a member of our social media team. We deleted the post and have no intention of commenting on the subject of certifying the electoral college. We apologize to Senator Hawley for this error and any confusion about our position." 

Sen. Hawley was quick to respond, accusing Walmart of using slave labor and paying employees unlivable wages. His comments come as many Republicans have denied raising the national minimum wage to $15 an hour. 

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