ST. LOUIS – A trauma surgeon is taking her lifesaving work outside of the hospital.

Dr. Laurie Punch treats hundreds of shooting victims and now she's teaching hundreds of others how to stop someone from bleeding in a life or death situation.

The Barnes Jewish Hospital surgeon said it's important that people know basic ways to stop bleeding immediately after a shooting or any other injury.

Punch taught the community outreach specialists at Better Family life ways to stop bleeding since they do life-saving work in dangerous communities. Several Better Family Life outreach specialist used the bleed control training to help several people hurt in a car crash in north city several weeks ago.

Punch said the "Stop the Bleed" campaign started after the Sandy Hook shooting. Punch is also an associate professor at Washington University School of Medicine.

Her goal is to train Better Family Life's network of churches and de-escalation centers, local school nurses and the people on the Washington University Campus.

She said the bleed control training is the CPR of the 21st century, considering all of the gun violence. Click here if you would like more information about the bleed control training.