Sometimes things just happen to you in life. You can't control that. But, you can control how you react to it — how you deal with it.

She lip syncs Andy Grammer while hooked up to a machine, receiving cancer treatments. Unusual? Yes. But, that's a part of Molly Young's reality right now. The Western Michigan University graduate was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in February 2017.

"I've gone through surgery and chemo and radiation. I'm still in a form of treatment called immunotherapy."

Very early on, Molly realized what those treatments would be like.

"It's extremely boring and depressing."

That's not what she wanted her reality to be. So, she changed it by lip-syncing songs during her treatments. The first few were just snippets.

"In the Katy Perry video, I get these pinwheels and I got them to stick to my head and twirl. And I just got this rush of glee when that worked. And I thought, "I'm unlocking something here. If I can keep this feeling going, I'm going to be OK."

They became much more elaborate with some guest performers. Or, when needed, Molly in multiple roles.

"I can keep power over what has happened to me if I make it funny. And I can laugh. If you have the power to laugh at yourself through cancer, it is very strengthening," she said. "I cannot describe how this has maintained my mental and emotional health through this."

And in addition to what it's done for herself. It's helped those who care about her.

"It's a way for me to send this postcard to friends and family and let them know that I was OK and I was going to fight."

Molly has had a song for all 29 of her treatments. They helped her and her loved ones get through them on her terms, taking charge of her reality.