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Is there really a Taco Bell Fitness Course in St. Louis County?

A picture posted online claim St. Louis is home to the Taco Bell Fitness Course. The image got more than 1,300 reactions and many asked if it's fake.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — It's the time of year, when fitness resolutions are top of mind.

But this picture of a "Taco Bell Fitness Course" is a combo that left minds wondering. 

The image posted online showed a sign that said the fitness course is part of the St. Louis County parks system and it's "commemorating the great flood of 1993."

So the 5 On Your Side Verfiy team wanted to know if the photo is authentic and if there really is a Taco Bell Fitness Course.


Is it true St. Louis has a Taco Bell Fitness Course? 


Anne Radford, spokesperson, St. Louis County Parks Department


This is true.


The Verify team showed the image to Anne Radford, spokesperson for the county parks.

She said there is a Taco Bell Fitness Course located on the south end of Jefferson Barracks Park. 

"Taco Bell wanted to give back to the community after the Great Flood of 1993, so they provided the funds for the fitness course," Radford said.

It includes fitness stations such as pull-up bars and wall climb along the trail.

We can verify this image is legit. There is a taco bell fitness course located in St. Louis County.

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