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VERIFY: Yes, consent for worldwide publicity is required for Missouri's vaccine lottery

Some Missourians are opting out of the sweepstakes at the last minute

ST. LOUIS — When a Missouri resident goes online to register for the Missouri vaccine incentive program there is a clause that reads:

"If I am selected as a winner, I authorize the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services to use my name, photograph, and address (city and county) for advertising and/or publicity purposes worldwide and in all forms of media now known or hereafter developed, in perpetuity, without further compensation."

The clause has a checkbox mark next to it intended for the resident to check when registering for the program.


Is it true winners of the Missouri vaccine incentive program cannot remain anonymous?

Our Sources:
-State of Missouri's vaccine incentive program website
-Lisa Cox, spokesperson for the Missouri Dept of Health and Senior Services


Yes, it's true winners of the Missouri vaccine incentive program cannot remain anonymous.


When Anne Allred tried to submit her registration without checking the box and agreeing to the clause, her registration did not go through. The message “this consent is required to enter” appeared on the screen.

Cox confirmed that is true. She said Missouri residents must consent to allow the state to use their name, county, and city of residence for publicity purposes in order to enter the sweepstakes.

But why?

Cox told the verify team "people will see people they know, or live near, winning and that may be enough of a motivating incentive to decide they are ready for the life-saving vaccine and enter a future drawing themselves."

She also added using a photo of a winner is optional. 

As for entrants under the age of 18, the same publicity clause is mandatory to register minors in the sweepstakes. They can win $10,000 in an education savings account.

The name and address will be used but a photo is not required.

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