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VERIFY: Viral post saying never jump-start newer cars is wrong, but you should make sure you know what you're doing

The post claims "jumping newer model cars shorts sensors in parts of the motor" and "mechanics said NEVER jump start another car."

ST. LOUIS — Question:

Is it true that you should never jump a newer model car because it damages the cars involved?

  • Dana Tobin, 5 On Your Side viewer


  • Scott Ramsey, Master Technician, Master Auto Repair
  • John Jackson, Auto Technician, Master Auto Repair
  • Don Fielder, manager, Rich’s Automotive  & Truck Repair
  • Don Schuman, Chemistry, Missouri University of Science and Technology


No, it’s not true that you should never jump-start a newer model car because it damages the cars involved.


Our experts say newer model cars are usually considered models made after 2005. These models can be more complicated.

“There are so many computers on cars, so many things that can be damaged. It’s more difficult because the battery is not always right out in the open. They’ve put them in the trunks, they but them behind the back seats, so a lot of times it’s harder to just get the cables to it,” said Ramsey.

But our experts agree that doesn’t mean you can’t jump-start one. You should, however, know how to do it correctly.

“Where you get overvoltage to the system, you blow a set of regulator diodes and then that can cause like a cascade problem… Following the recommendations of the manufacturer, sometimes they tell you how you should connect and disconnect your battery,” said Schuman.

The experts agree if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing when it comes to jumping that model car, call a roadside service company or take it to an auto body shop.

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