UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. — Ann Lovel emailed us to ask - "Did the Loop Trolley project install a fiber-optic internet cable as promised?"

Along with the "clang clang clang" of the Loop Trolley, another big plan was announced for the Delmar Loop back in 2013: the Loop Data Rail.

Their website promises "the first gigabit Main Street right here in St. Louis," that would feature a fiber-optic cable that would bring high-speed internet to businesses and customers in the Loop.

The website also promises the line would be buried beneath the tracks.

5 On Your Side reached out to Joe Edwards of the Loop Trolley Company.

He said that project was never handled by their company, but they did reach an agreement. If they could get all of the permits in time construction begins on the trolley line, they could bury the line beneath the tracks.

That never happened.

So we can verify that high-speed internet is not a component of the Loop Trolley Construction.

We called David Sandel, he's a part of the group that proposed the project in the first place. He declined to comment for this story, but it should be noted, he didn't outright say no.

We'll work on getting a more complete answer. In the meantime, you'll have to get used to traditional internet speeds the next time you're on the trolley.