JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. — Video from a Jefferson County home surveillance system shows a deputy covering the camera with mud, and now the sheriff is apologizing to the homeowner.

Ashley Mathis said three Jefferson County sheriff's deputies came to her house Sunday when she wasn't home.

Her surveillance system caught one of them covering the camera with mud.

"It scares me because they were somebody that was supposed to protect and serve their community and they weren't protecting me. I feel like they took my sense of safety and security away from me,” Mathis said.

The Jefferson County sheriff said deputies have responded to Ashley's house nearly 20 times in recent years, but this time was different.

Those deputies were there to arrest a violent sex offender who didn't check in. No one answered the door, so one of them used mud to make sure that suspect couldn't see them when they came back.

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Mathis said the guy they were looking for was her ex-husband, and he hasn't lived there in six years.

"He is blocked. I do not speak to him at all,” Mathis said.

Sheriff Dave Marshak called the deputy’s tactic inappropriate and said an internal investigation is underway.

"No excuses from us, but a simple apology to the homeowner and our community. We will do better,” he said in a written statement.

"If I would have went to their house and covered their cameras with mud, charges would be filed and I would be thrown in jail,” Mathis said.