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Facebook virtually killed an Oregon man, then brought him back to life

A Portland man says Facebook memorialized his account, something the social media site does when a user passes away. The only problem: he’s not dead.

Michael Ostrander tried connecting to Facebook last week and was notified he was locked out of his account.

"It says, 'Remembering Mike Ostrander,'" Ostrander said about his profile page.

Facebook memorializes an account after someone dies in order to keep that person’s profile, pictures and old posts still active.

According to Facebook rules, a request must be sent naming the person who passed away, and something must be provided as proof of death, like an obituary.

The only problem is Ostrander was still alive.

"I got angry to start with, and then I started worrying about how family members might react to this if they saw it," Ostrander said.

Ostrander said someone reported him dead to Facebook but the company would not tell him who reported it.

He said he tried to get the company to fix the account, sending pictures of his license, but days later, his account remained memorialized.

He started a new account to message his friends and family about the issues.

"They just think it’s stupid that Facebook would do something like this," he said.

We reached out to Facebook and a spokesperson told us the account has been reactivated.

"We looked into the matter, and the account was indeed mistakenly memorialized based on incomplete information. We've reinstated the account and we apologize for the error," the spokesperson said.

For more information on how to memorialize an account, click here.

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