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Surprise! Jeep owners are discovering 'Easter Eggs' on their vehicles

Owning a Jeep allows people the thrill of adventure, but are they missing a certain hidden imprint located somewhere on their vehicle?
Jeep Grand Cherokee (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles media)

ST. LOUIS — If I told you there was a hidden imprint or sticker on your vehicle, how fast would you stop reading and run out to check?

The response should be "a matter of seconds." That's what Jeep owners are discovering across the world, according to Yahoo. It turns out that the manufacturer left a unique Easter egg in or on their vehicle. For Jackie Foster, fear and shock turned to intrigue when he was pumping gas recently.

Using the trendy social media app, Tiktok, Foster posted a short video of himself finding (at last) the hidden gem, which was the imprint of a spider inside his gas tank. Foster was aware of the Jeep tactic and seemed amused.

So were the 4.1 people who viewed Foster's video, which ended up sending many owners into their own little version of Jumanji, Most Jeep models are sold with this particular animal sticker, but not all the buyers are aware of their existence like Foster was.

Some people find lizards. Others get Sasquatch. If I found a larger spider imprint in my car after a few years of owning it, I can tell you 'horrified' will conquer the first few moments before a nod of respect gets sent their way.

According to Auto Trader, Chrysler uses this trend more in Jeep vehicles than any other brand in their company, and it's not just animal images. One person found an old school imprint of a Jeep riding uphill on their windshield while another car had "To New Adventures" written underneath the ignition. Taillight cup holders are featured in others while some may see the classic hood design of the Jeep on their model.

Mark Allen, Head of Chief Design, told FCA North America Corporate Blog that the idea first appeared on a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. There was a small imprint of the Jeep grilles onto the headline of the vehicle. Every imprint is special to the particular vehicle, Allen said. The image is unique to the name of the model, so you won't find a Jeep climbing rocks on a Jeep Renegade.

It's a fun idea that makes the ownership of a Jeep that much more special. Think about it. Driving a Jeep is as close as large vehicle owners get to feeling the sensation of a motorcycle while being protected in a large structure. Thrill and comfort at the same time. The company design team promotes the new adventure aspect of having a Jeep.

Just think about the next time you are driving your Jeep and manage to get bored. Remember there could be a private image special to your particular vehicle riding with you. There's nothing quite like the thrill of the hunt... even if it takes place inside your vehicle.

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