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Weather radar picks up on huge flock of birds leaving St. Louis

It was likely a huge flock of birds, according to the National Weather Service
Credit: National Weather Service St. Louis

ST. LOUIS — This windy weather is for the birds, but even they are trying to get away from it.

What looked like rain on the National Weather Service radar, turned out to be birds flocking the St. Louis area Saturday evening.

‘It's rain! No, it's BIRDS! Our radar captured what appears to be a flock of some type of bird taking off and heading north along the Mississippi River this evening! Maybe they didn't like the fog either!’ the NWS St. Louis wrote on Facebook.

A video shared by the agency online showed a sudden burst of activity just northwest of St. Charles along the Mississippi River. The burst of radar colors then snaked north in a way you just don’t see rain or showers move.

The NWS estimated the birds were about 700-900 feet off the ground when the radar picked up on their sudden flight.

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