Maryland Heights Police arrested three people after dozens of pumpkins were stolen early Wednesday morning.

The pumpkins disappeared during the overnight hours from three neighborhoods: Arrow Heights Subdivision, Brookside Subdivision, and Pinehurst Subdivision. Police said several people called them to report disturbances or theft outside their home, and one officer tracked down the suspects’ vehicle.

“He stopped the vehicle and it had the three subjects and the 49 pumpkins in the car,” explained Public Relations Officer Erica Stough.

All three people arrested were teenage males, and one was a juvenile. They are not yet facing any charges, but could later be charged with stealing.

“They were interviewed but [we] don’t know if it was for resale or a prank,” Officer Stough explained. “But all the pumpkins are in one piece and they were taken for unknown reasons.”

With a little humor included, Stough posted a picture of the pumpkin “lineup” on Facebook, offering anyone missing their decoration a chance to pick it up at the police station. Some stopped by Wednesday, including Robin Swahlsteadt.

“I’m out walking my dog and I’m passing my house and I go to the front yard and I’m like, um, something is missing. My pumpkins are gone!” she said, after finding her missing pumpkins at the police department.

A camera outside her front door captured one of the suspects running from her home with a pumpkin.

“It’s ignorant. It’s mean and it’s ignorant,” said Swahlsteadt, who loves Halloween and looks forward to the holiday every year.

“I guess some of the kids, they don’t have anything to do so that’s what they do? I don’t know.”