SALT LAKE CITY — It was the photo seen 'round the state.

Monday, the Utah State Bar sent out a statewide email to its 11,000 attorneys alerting them of not just an upcoming convention, but of an in-your-face photo of a naked woman. The email, as reported by Utah reporter Ben Winslow on Twitter, described the scenario:

The bare-breasted woman appeared to show at the bottom of the email without explanation. However, an apology was quickly sent out in response, saying in part, "Apparently we have an email sent that has an offensive image on it."

Chase Thomas, a policy and advocacy council member, told Desert News Utah he was inside the state Capitol when he opened the email.

"I was expecting a routine email I would most likely scroll through and delete, but I had to scroll through and delete a lot faster than I initially anticipated," said Thomas.

The executive director of the Utah State Bar, John Baldwin, told FOX 13, "We are horrified. We are investigating to discover how this occurred. Our goal is to find out what happened and insure [sic] it never happens again."