ST. LOUIS — What a way to start a game off here in St. Louis… many people showing emotion and are moved before the clock started.  

First we have several people posting on Twitter with Charles Glenn starting off with the national anthem, outstanding as usual… but then he puts the mic to the crowd welcoming St. Louis fans to join him in singing the song.

You can see the emotion in the entire arena. 

After the anthem, NHL posted  on Twitter a moment with inspirational Blues fan Laila Anderson onto the ice to shout, “Let’s go Blues!”

Laila has been an inspiration to the entire team this year as they have been to her.

In September, she was diagnosed with HLM disease, a rare condition that attacks the immune system.

It's something only 14 other people in the world have been diagnosed with.

Ever since a few of the players came to visit her in the hospital, she has been the biggest fan.

After going to her first playoff game this season, she has built relationships many players calling them “the boys.”

A very heartfelt way to start off Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Smiling from ear to ear, you can tell from the video this will be one of the most memorable nights for her and I am sure for these St. Louis fans.

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