We could very well look back on the 2019 Cardinals and say the bullpen was the make or break factor in success or failure.

The x-factor of the entire bullpen might just be Andrew Miller.

Miller has been dominant at times in his career, most notably with the Yankees and Indians, and is looking to get back to his all-star form in St. Louis.

The early spring returns for Miller have been disappointing to say the least.

Through Saturday in a four and 2/3 Grapefruit League innings Miller has a 13.50 ERA and has walked four batters.

The two time all-star and ALCS MVP has been dominant in the past, though.

From 2014-2017, Miller's highest season ERA was a minuscule 2.02.

Although Miller's spring training has been rough so far, the Cardinals will still be counting on the lefty to be a major part of their late game strategy.

While a majority of save opportunities might fall to the electric Jordan Hicks, the club is counting on Miller's experience and left-handedness to bolster the back end of the bullpen.

If his spring training struggles continue into the regular season, the Cardinals could have to rethink their entire bullpen strategy.

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