You most likely love him. You most definitely know him. We’re talking about Rally Cat. Ever since he ran onto the field at Busch Stadium… which was followed one pitch later by a Yadier Molina grand slam, the Rally Cat has been in the middle of a constant legal battle between the St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach and the St. Louis Cardinals over who has proper claim over him.

Well, it seems we now have an answer, thanks to Rally Cat’s lawyer.

Yes, there’s official legal counsel involved too.

Issues between the Cardinals and SLFCO stem from one issue, the belief that the Cardinals would be exploiting the cat for “commercial interests” similar to what they did with the “Rally Squirrel” back in 2011.

The Cardinals announced plans to adopt the cat and let it live in the clubhouse. But the nonprofit balked, saying the team wanted to exploit the cat rather than take care of it.

According to attorney Albert Watkins, “The priorities of the Club appear inconsistent with the goals and mission of the St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach. The SLFCO is aware of the ability and desire of the Redbirds to commercially exploit Rally Cat. However, commercial exploitation simply must take a back seat to that which is right for this four legged furry creature.”

The St. Louis Cardinals had planned a “Rally Cat Appreciation Day” on September 10th to honor the little friend that ran into the hearts of thousands of Cardinals fans.

Immediately after the original incident, which saw a Cardinals employee that was handling the cat get bitten, people took to social media with the hashtags #RallyCat and #RallyKitten (while the employee took to getting medical attention).

Now, SLFCO is looking for new suitors to adopt the furry friend.