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Cusumano: St. Louis can empathize with Arsenal fan base's crusade against Stan Kroenke

Another fan base is taking on Stan Kroenke. This time across the pond. Here's what Frank had to say about Arsenal fans' crusade against Kroenke

ST. LOUIS — I don't know if you've seen the pictures, but over the weekend there were hundreds of Arsenal soccer fans protesting outside their stadium in London.

They got there two hours before the team's game. They banged metal screens, they lit flares and they set off fireworks.

Perhaps only one sports figure in the universe could inspire this kind of hatred... Yes, you guessed it, it was because of their owner, Stan Kroenke. Sound familiar?

"We want Kroenke out. We want Arsenal back," the fans yelled and yelled.

The latest anger was fueled by Kroenke flirting with moving Arsenal to a proposed European super league. That idea has since imploded and Kroenke has backed out.

But at least the man is consistent. If he's not alienating his home state of Missouri, then he is kicking people out of their ranches in Texas or making enemies in London.

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Kroenke is worth $8 billion. I wonder if there will ever be a time at the end of his life where he thinks, "I could have been worth just $4 billion and been loved by all? I could have just been nice."

You know, I don't think he will ever get there.

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