This just in! Yadier Molina is a person. A human being, with blood and feelings running through his veins.

I wouldn't classify this as breaking news, but sometimes the line between professional athlete and a regular person can become black and white fragments instead of a blurred image.

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This week, Houston Astros' Jake Marisnick collided hard with Los Angeles Angels' catcher Jonathan Lucroy. There was an elbow to head ending to the violent crash, which divided critics into their various groups. Some didn't mind it, calling the collision old school baseball. Others weren't a fan, saying it had no part in this game. Others were indifferent. Molina was livid in his opposition.

In what is becoming the official Yadier Molina outlet, Instagram is where he took his tirade to. Very few of his words are publishable here, but let's just say he was hot-headed and emotional. Once again, things that human beings are a lot of their life, more than they would admit to. He wanted MLB to take action on the play, saying Marisnick should have slid instead of colliding into Lucroy, who used to be Molina's rival with the Milwaukee Brewers a few years ago.

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There were other words used, and Molina responded with more vigor. Astros' pitcher Justin Verlander chimed in, calling the post "fake news," to which Molina responded with more fire.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the same fire he showed in January when Kris Bryant called St. Louis boring. The same thing. Molina doesn't mince words when he talks or posts, and I have no problem with that.

Peaceful minds won out on Monday night as Molina deleted the post, replacing it with an apologetic one that sat well with the elders and old-fashioned minds of baseball lore. I don't think he had to delete one thing. Why? So, we can have a more crowd-pleasing version of #4? One that fits in with the hearts and minds of everyone, including kids? That, my friends, is boring.

Molina should be himself. All the time. Why sugarcoat a personality that the masses have come to love? We embraced it in January, but add a few naughty words, and it's no good this time. Let's not go Two Face on a future Hall of Famer.

What if kids read it? First, if kids are on Instagram, they need to get off the social media app and grab a book. Teenagers and adults should be on Instagram, and they know language and its usage.

What would Stan Musial think? Don't be so fast to answer that. Do you really think good old Stan was a 100% rosy fella who had no fire? Either way, I don't care what Stan thinks. It's not his game anymore. The world has changed, so if people could be less offended by it, that would be nice for everybody. If we are speaking about Cardinal legends, what would the stern Bob Gibson have to say about it? I bet he'd like it, but that's just a guess.

Baseball may be a kid's game, but Molina and others play an adult version of it. It's a different level than the little league one you coach. He has kids, so I am sure he will chat with them about what he said. If my son Vinny asks about it, I will tell him what I have for a couple years. There's adult language and you don't get to use that until you are old enough to pay bills or at least drive a car. With age comes responsibility to decipher what is right or wrong. My kid isn't on Instagram and wouldn't use profanity. He knows better.

I don't think Molina's language should be examined as closely as his actions. What about teaching kids the wise traits of standing up for your own people? He stood tall for St. Louis in January. He stood the same height for his catchers this week.

It's the same ferociously unapologetic guy that St. Louis has come to adore over his 16-year career. Why censor it so an imaginable kid who shouldn't be on social media doesn't see it?

Molina deleted the post, but he still means what he said. We live in a day and age of guarded, fragile, and far-too-young end of innocence. It's sad and weakening. Molina was mad and wanted to speak out about it. Here's the thing. I didn't mind the collision. While the runner did go for the body, it wasn't malicious. Lucroy was pulled up the line for the throw, and Marisnick couldn't stop his momentum and wanted to dislodge the ball.

If he is suspended, I wouldn't be surprised or give too much care towards the decision. I do think MLB will fine him and possibly suspend him a game, but that's it. The whole thing will blow over. Before you say it, I have never caught a game behind the plate in my life, so don't throw that baloney at me. We are all willing and worthy observers of this game.

Yadier Molina got hot on Instagram, and I am all here for it. He's one of the best catchers to ever play the game, and he's also human. Deal with it or stay off social media.