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Throwing shade at St. Louis football fans is bush league work by Yahoo

Yahoo didn't delete the tweet, but took plenty of wrath, most of it from St. Louis fans. I guess they still care about their football, even if it has been gone for two years.
Aug 12, 2017; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Kevin Demoff, executive vice president and Stan Kroenke, owner of the Los Angeles Rams, walk down the tunnel at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

On Jan. 12, 2016, the Rams officially left St. Louis, leaving the football fans in this city saddened by a greedy, manipulative, and master of lies owner in Stan Kroenke. On Jan. 6, 2018, a National media outlet, Yahoo Sports, decided to throw some shade at St. Louis football fans with a not so subtle tweet.

Now, granted the last time Yahoo was relevant is about the last time the Rams won a playoff game, it's easy to take this tweet, strangle it, and move on-but I just don't get it.

Why do people give the good football loving souls of this city so much trouble for an act that was out of their control? It isn't like St. Louis fans begged Kroenke and his lap dog, Kevin Demoff, to take the team away. There weren't peaceful protests in the streets near the Edward Jones Dome to rid the town of football. Kroenke saw an opportunity out west, lied to the people of St. Louis about doing everything in his power to keep the team here, the NFL followed suit, and the Rams were gone.

St. Louis didn't ship that ticket. The greedy NFL owners, led by Jerry Jones, orchestrated that move. Yet, outlets like Yahoo feel the need to hit below the belt two years later.

The Rams were beaten handily by the defending NFC champions, the Atlanta Falcons, on Saturday. It's still been 13 years since their last playoff win, back in the day when a winning season was expected, and not dreamed about.

I'll sit here and comfortably tell you that it is my opinion that the Rams purposefully lost a fair portion of those football games the last 2-3 years in St. Louis. Kroenke and company knew that a bad football team would lead to less people in the seats, which would initiate an issue between the dome and the city for upgrades that were required; upgrades that wouldn't happen unless the Rams kept a certain attendance level. Stan knew all of this and made his play.

You don't go from a very bad team in 2015-16 to a division winning team in 2017 without some shady business behind the scenes. The kind of shady business that has a lawsuit by St. Louis plantiffs against Kroenke and the NFL for the relocation going to trial after a judge denied motions by the league to dismiss the case.

St. Louis, St. Louis County, and the Regional Convention and Sports complex filed the case in April, stated a breach of contract by the Rams and the NFL, in addition to four other counts including fraud, illegal enrichment, and an interference in business that led to public financial loss, wrote St. Louis Post Dispatch columnist Mike Faulk in December.

Bob Blitz, who ran the stadium plan hand in hand with Dave Peacock to keep the team in St. Louis and build a riverfront stadium for the team, is leading the charge. According to Faulk, St. Louis county executive Steve Stenger wants justice for the people of St. Louis, stating that this case will hold Kroenke and the league accountable for taking the team away.

This wouldn't be happening if the people of St. Louis didn't care about their football. Blitz and Peacock wanted to bring a football team here, had a plan that was moving forward, and the league squashed it in order to make a bigger profit in California. It's as simple as that, and those acts are being put under the microscope.

Some people would say who cares what Yahoo Sports says and why are we still talking about the Rams. Let me tell you. What the Rams and the NFL did was wrong, and any football loving soul in this city will agree. Also, seeing shade thrown at my city for something they didn't approve of is just bush league. Yahoo, ancient as MySpace or not, should do better with their outlet. I expect better.

How about some comedy? Kroenke complained on Sunday that the current home for Rams football games, the Coliseum, doesn't give the team a rightful homefield advantage. Well, Mr. Toupee Madness, you had a beautiful place set to be built in St. Louis that would have been packed with this current winning football team. It could have been glorious, but you went out west, and saw less fans in the seats than in the last few dreadful losing seasons in St. Louis. Lay in the bed you made, pal.

Here's the bottom line: the Rams won't win a Super Bowl in Los Angeles for quite some time. When they do, half the city won't even care, or know who scored the winning touchdown. St. Louis can rest assured that the current "blandest show on grass" doesn't stack up to the Greatest Show on Turf" that occurred in St. Louis many years ago. The Rams were only in St. Louis five years before they won it all. How long will it take out west? A while.

Yahoo didn't delete the tweet, but took plenty of wrath, most of it from St. Louis fans. I guess they still care about their football, even if it has been gone for two years.

Thanks for reading.

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