1. I believe that John Mozeliak deserves an A-minus for his off season work. The Cardinals need two things this off season. They needed a face of the franchise No. 3 hitter. They got him in Paul Goldschmidt. They had to have a lights out lefty out of the bullpen. When he’s right, nobody is better than Andrew Miller. Imagine if Alex Reyes becomes the magnificent force in the rotation like his talent suggests. I am not saying they are better than the Cubs. However, if a few things happen, they could.

  2. Carte’Are Gordon leaving SLU is so disappointing on so many levels. Imagine all the time that Travis Ford spent away from his family going to all those Webster Groves games and all those AAU games and all those texts and all those phone calls. Then Gordon decides one day he wants to leave. Who do you blame? Well, I will tell you who you don’t blame is Travis and assistant coach, Corey Tate. They did everything possible to make it work. Every once in while I regret not getting into coaching (my real love after Monique) and then I hear about a story like this- and the regrets go away immediately.

  3. Drew Lock threw for 12,000 yards and nearly 100 touchdowns. He’s 6 feet 4 inches tall and 225 pounds with an incredible attitude and an even better arm. If you are one of those people who didn’t appreciate what he did for the program, then you don’t get it. So he didn’t win championships. You usually don’t when you play for three different coordinators and have mediocre defenses. The man won 14 of the final 20 games he played. He will get the last laugh: a first round pick in the NFL draft. He will get paid!

  4. I have always been a one television at a time guy. I usually never had had time because of work, coaching and family to watch more than one show. So I fell in love with Cheers, Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Modern Family. Now these series then you can watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Jeez, it’s kind of addicting: Love the Showtime stuff of Billions and Ray Donovan. Have you seen The Hand of God or Goliath? The problem is none of these do much for your spiritual growth. I gotta stop. Let me recommend a sermon with Charles Stanley or Rick Warren.

  5. Don Coryell should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was the first man to win 100 games as a college coach and a professional coach. He inherited a horrible Cardinal team owned by the enigmatic Bill Bidwell and he went 10-4, 11-3 and 10-4 over a three year stretch. He built an incredible offense here and an even better one in San Diego. Mike Martz built the Greatest Show on Turf on Coryell’s strategy. In fact, many of the great minds today use Coryell’s ideas. Don Coryell is a Hall of Famer. I will never forget sitting in section 368 with my dad on my left and my brother, Doug, on my right watching the Cardiac Cardinals of Don Coryell.

BONUS: Things I love: The Bob Glauber book on Parcells, Walsh and Gibbs, the Lemon, Pepper, Garlic Wings at Lesters, the orange juice at The Original Pancake House, a really good television screen in front of a treadmill, a nap on an off day in a recliner with the dogs, a glass of Caymus (if I can afford it once in a while) watching the Billikens at Chaifetz arena, one of the best arenas in the country!