ST. LOUIS — There is zero reason for him to accept a trade to St. Louis. Zero.

Look friends, I want him in the Birds on Bat as much as anyone. I also wanted Halle Berry to be my girlfriend in high school. But, there comes a point when you must do a little self-assessment and stop asking 'why not' and instead ask 'why.'

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Look at yourself Cardinals Nation. You’ve been slipping. You got old and happy. Man, I know, 2000 to 2015 was amazing. Four pennants and two rings. What a run! Then, 2015, man; that got us all jazzed that it would never end. But, all it was, was the last gasp for life at the end of a dying dynasty. Everyone else can see it, why can’t we?

Giancarlo can see it. He can see it as clear as the Arch against a cloudless sky. He can see a front office that is averse to any kind of risk. Except, when it comes to 30 something middle relievers that do nothing but eat salary and rack up days on the DL.

He can see a lineup where he will be the singular true threat. I’m sure he sees what we all saw in Tommy Pham and Paul DeJong. But, he also probably saw what we all saw in Ryan Ludwick and Aledmys Díaz.

He can see a starting staff with a number one who went 12-11 with an ERA of 3.64. Followed by an aging warrior who can’t stay healthy and has to throw seemingly 80% curveballs just to last through the fifth. After those two all he sees is... ?

He can see a manager that has, at best, been embattled. A manager that has trouble with in-game strategy. A manager that has seen his squad go from 100 wins, to 86, to 83.

What else can he see? He can see that full No-Trade Claus in his contract followed by the $285 million still owed to him. He can see the 59 home runs he just hit. And finally, he can see that his value has never been higher and will never be higher. He can see it all.

Then, he looks all the way across the Home of the Brave and sees Los Angeles. He can see the city he wants to go to. He can see a 100 win team with the best pitcher of his generation at the top of the rotation. A team that had six players with over 20 home runs last season and a starting staff that had three pitchers with an ERA better than Carlos Martinez. That doesn't even include Darvish.

So look at yourself again St. Louis. Why would Giancarlo Stanton come to the Cardinals and not the Dodgers? I love us too. This is my hometown. It’s where I was born and it’s where they’ll scatter my ashes one day. But, if I wasn’t from here, and I was a 28-year-old slugger with all the power as to where my career was headed, I would pick the Dodgers over our beloved Redbirds every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

It’s hard to see yourself as you truly are compared to superior competition. It’s like me wondering why Halle Berry didn’t want me. I think I’m pretty awesome. Then I look at pictures of David Justice, Eric Benet, and Oliver Martinez…my shoulders slump and I think, “Oh, that’s why."

And, well, I can't argue with her.