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Cusumano: 'A Reunion of the Greatest Show on Turf in LA? Give me a break'

'The Greatest Show on Turf remains our team. Stay in your lane, LA!' - Frank Cusumano after St. Louis Super Bowl champions were honored at LA Rams game Monday

ST. LOUIS — I wonder how Stan Kroenke felt Monday night watching his Rams in his adopted backyard get embarrassed.

Lamar Jackson threw for five touchdowns and the Ravens destroyed the Rams 45 to 6.

Everybody and their brother thought the Rams' window was just opening. It actually is likely closing. Let me count the ways.

- The Rams don't have a first round draft pick in 2020 or 2021. It will be five full drafts they don't have a pick in the first.

- Their star running back, Todd Gurley has arthritis.

- Their franchise quarterback, Jared Goff, is the 30th ranked passer in the league and has a 134 million dollar contract.

Watch: 'A reunion of the Greatest Show on Turf in LA? Give me a break'

So, it's not going so well on the field in Los Angeles.

And get this, on Monday night in the middle of their shellacking, they honored the 20 year anniversary of the Greatest Show on Turf. Yes, our Greatest Show on Turf.


Yes they had Torry, Isaac, Marshall, Orlando and a few others take a bow in the first quarter.

A reunion of the greatest show on turf in LA? Give me a break.

That city has nothing to do with our Rams.

What's next, the city of Minneapolis honoring Kobe Bryant because the Lakers played there in the 50's?

The Greatest Show on Turf remains OUR team. Stay in your lane, LA.

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