Guards: JoJo White and Bradley Beal

Forwards: Bill Bradley and Ed Macauley

Center: Steve Stipanovich

Coach: Cotton Fitzsimmons

How Frank sees it:

I know Jayson Tatum will be on this list very soon. In fact, he may end up having the greatest career of any St. Louis kid in the NBA.

Bradley was one of the greatest college players in history. He won 2 World Championships with the Knicks and played in an All-Star game.

David Lee played in 2 All-Star games and won a World Championship. However, Macauley was a 7 time All-Star and the MVP of the first All-Star game. The man won SLU a national title.

Beal is the best shooter we have ever produced.

JoJo is a Hall of Famer.

After winning 63 straight at DeSmet and 4 conference championships at Mizzou, Stipo was the 2nd pick in the draft. He had a triple double against the Celtics and a 30 point game vs Kareem. He is our town’s most accomplished center.

Cotton Fitzsimmons from Hannibal is the only real guy from the region who qualifies. He was a 2 time NBA Coach of the year who won 832 games.