First baseman: Albert Pujols

Second baseman: Rogers Hornsby

Shortstop: Ozzie Smith

Third Baseman: Scott Rolen

Catcher: Ted Simmons

Outfield: Lou Brock, Jim Edmonds and Stan Musial

Left-handed starter: Steve Carlton

Right-handed starter: Bob Gibson

Closer: Bruce Sutter

Manager: Whitey Herzog

How Frank sees it:

I know Lou and Stan played the same position but I couldn’t keep Lou off the list.

God bless Curt Flood, but Edmonds had 393 homers and Flood had 85.

Ken Boyer was really good. However, a healthy Rolen was better and he may have been the best fielding third baseman the league has ever seen not named Brooks Robinson.

Yadi will end up in the Hall of Fame. Simmons could be there next year. When Simmons retired, he was first among catchers in hits and doubles, and only Yogi has more RBI's and only Fisk has more total bases.

So many great closers, but Sutter was the most unhittable.

So many spectacular managers, however ask yourself this, if you had to have one manager win one game, wouldn’t you choose Whitey? I would. And I did.