Quarterback: Kurt Warner

Running Backs: Marshall Faulk and Terry Metcalf

Wide Receivers: Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Roy Green and Mel Gray

Tight End: Jackie Smith

Offensive Lineman: Orlando Pace Dan Dierdorf Bob Young Conrad Dobler and Tom Banks

Defensive Lineman: Kevin Carter Al Bubba Baker DeMarco Farr Bob Rowe

Linebackers: London Fletcher EJ Junior and Mike Jones

Secondary: Roger Wehrli Aeneas Williams Larry Wilson Jerry Stoval

Coach: Don Coryell

Here's how Frank sees it:

I love Jim Hart, but Kurt was the best in the world for a stretch.

I simply couldn't select two receivers. Mel Gray is the fastest football player our town has ever seen. The man averaged 19 yards per catch for his career. Isaac will be a hall of famer. Torry had eight seasons in a row where he totaled 1,000 yards. You just had to see Roy Green to realize how special he was. John Madden called him not only the best receiver in the game, he called him the best player in the game.

The offensive tackles of Orlando and Dan should have no debate. Tough to keep Adam Timmerman off the list at guard, however Dobler went to three Pro-Bowls.

Mike Jones did make the most important play in history, so he’s on my team.

How about three Hall of Famers in the secondary?

Dick Vermeil did win a Super Bowl, but Don Coryell was here longer and didn’t have as much talent. Besides, Mike Martz took Coryell’s offense to form the Greatest Show on Turf.

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