Do not adjust your eyes, the headline to this story says it all.

In the first ever “Skins Shootout” at the Bass Pro Legends of Golf tournament at Big Cedar Lodge, the team of Jack Nicklaus and Kid Rock defeated the duo of Gary Player and Lee Trevino.

Rock was announced as the teammate of “The Golden Bear” and fourth member of the skins match just a few days ago.

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So, does a rock and roll icon get nervous when he plays golf with Jack Nicklaus – a winner of 18 majors – along with the “The Black Knight” Gary Player and Lee Trevino?

“Yeah, it was nuts man,” he said. “I don't get nervous much but I was a little bit today and then I started swinging and I'm like, 'Man, stuff's working out.'"

Stuff worked out to the tune of Kid Rock hitting eight out of nine greens in regulation.

His teammate Nicklaus was impressed.

“He hit the ball great! He told me he's a member down there at Bear's Club (in Florida) and I've never played with him before and he said he started practicing last week,” Nicklaus said.

“He said he's got blisters all over his hands. He said 'I didn't didn't know if they were gonna hit anything,' and he hits eight out of nine greens. That's pretty good!”

At the post-match ceremony, Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris thanked the golf legends and the rock and roll legend from Detroit.

“It's an honor to have you here,” Morris said.

“From all of us here in the Ozarks, what you mean to us and putting the spotlight - the whole world - right here where we're proud to live and call home … We call this tournament the Legends and we've got four great ones here, not only in golf and in rock and roll, but just in life.”

The warm sunny conditions for Sunday rounded out the week in style, after four inches of rain suspended play for Friday's scheduled opening rounds of tournament play.

“It's a happy day in the Ozarks, isn't it? I mean, a happy beautiful day,” said Morris.

Pat Imig is on-site at Big Cedar Lodge. You can reach him on Twitter @patrickimig, Instagram @p_imig or by email