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Teams most likely to make a trade during Round of 1 of the NFL Draft

One of the big storylines during the first round of the draft every year is the day one trades. We look at possible day 1 trade "hot spots."

LAS VEGAS — The NFL Draft is just a couple of days away as team representatives and prospects have made their way to Las Vegas for this year's highly anticipated draft.

We've, of course, spent the last couple of months at the Locked On Podcast Network analyzing and re-analyzing and then re-analyzing again which prospects teams may try to go after in the first round.

One of the big storylines during the first round of the draft every year is the day one trades, as teams try to move up to get their guys.

Last year the big ones were the Eagles trading up with the Cowboys from 12 to 10 to get Devonta Smith and the Bears trading up from 20 to 10 to get quarterback Justin Fields.

On Tuesday's Peacock and Williamson NFL Show, part of the Locked On Podcast Network, hosts Brian Peacock and Matt Williamson speculated where Round 1 trades could happen on day one of the 2022 NFL Draft.

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“I think a lot of teams in the top 10 are going to be looking, but I don’t think they’re going to find those trades," Brian Peacock said. "But, I think we’re going to find some trades right outside the top 10 or starting at 10. Because we think the run on receivers is going to be between 10 and 22 and I think the teams jockeying for those are going to want to trade down.

It always costs more to trade up when you're trying to get a quarterback, but with the lack of high profile quarterback prospects in this draft, co-host Matt Williamson said the cost for moving up could be somewhat lower than normal, meaning there could actually be more movement than we expect.

“I think of who are the players that teams will covet enough to go give up extra picks for," he said. "But I do think the cost of moving up will be a little bit less than usual, so that might entice teams to give it a shot."

Minnesota Vikings - Pick No. 12

The Minnesota Vikings are hoping to get a cornerback, whether that be LSU's Derek Stingley Jr. or Ahmad Gardner if he somehow falls to 12. But in a scenario where the Texans take Gardner at No. 3 and another team takes Stingley before 12, Peacock sees a way for the Vikings to trade back for their next guy, Trent McDuffie, the cornerback out of Washington. 

“You’re thinking you could probably trade down 10 picks and still get McDuffie if you’re the Vikings. Or if McDuffie’s gone, it could be Kaiir Elam or Andrew Booth. I just think all of the ideal picks the Vikings would have hoped to get are going to be gone by 12 and I don’t like the value the Vikings are getting at 12. I see the Eagles, Saints and all those teams at the end of the first round all trying to move up.”

Andrew Booth, Kaiir Elam and McDuffie are all cornerbacks expected to be selected in the second half of the first round.

Los Angeles Chargers - Pick No. 17

Peacock said the Chargers’ pick at No. 17 could hold a lot of trade value if multiple receivers go ahead of that, a team could try to trade up ahead of the Eagles or Saints in order to get in front of them to get one of those last elite-level receiving prospects. 

The Eagles and Saints are both teams expected to take a receiver in the draft, but they both have two selections. The Eagles pick at Nos. 15 and 18, while the Saints have Nos. 16 and 19. If the Saints and Eagles choose to spend their first selections on other needs, a team gunning for a top receiver could be gunning to get ahead of them. The Chargers may be holding a potentially expensive trade up spot.

Tampa Bay Bucs - Pick No. 27

“Tampa Bay could trade back 10 picks and get a guard," Peacock said. "That could be a good spot for a team to try and move up for a quarterback if Corral or Kenny Pickett haven’t been selected. Or, to move up in front of that second Packers pick and those back to back Kansas City Chiefs picks.”

If there's a receiver like Penn State's Jahan Dotson still on the board, and Tampa is set on not selecting a quarterback, a team may want to get ahead of the Packers and Chiefs selecting at the end of the first round, both of which have needs at receiver.

Desmond Ridder, Matt Corral and Kenny Pickett are all quarterbacks that could be selected in the second half of the first round. If one or more is still on the board here, a team from the second round may want to make a deal.

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